School Board Teams

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School board initiative:

The goal of this initiative is to create teams of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles who are committed to becoming involved in their school boards by attending meetings on a regular basis either in person, online, or by reading the meeting minutes.

Click here to sign up to be a team member in your SAU school district.

We need team leaders, in every SAU, to implement this initiative.

The team leader will be responsible for the following:

  1. Keep an active email list of all team members.
  2. Email mail team members to let them know when & where the next school board meeting will be held.
  3. Keep the team informed of important issues that are discussed during the school board meetings.
  4. Email your team when new legislation comes out that could have a positive or negative impact on your schools and your children.

AnnMarie Banfield will email all of the team leaders about important proposed legislation.

  • As a team, you can attend the public hearing at the State Capitol, on the proposed legislation.
  • Email your state reps and senators on how you would like them to vote on the proposed legislation.

Would you consider becoming a team leader in your SAU school district?
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Current Team leaders

  • If you do not see your SAU team leader listed below, please consider emailing AnnMarie Banfield,, to volunteer to be the team leader in your school district. 
  • If you see your SAU team leader below, please consider joining your team here.
  • If you do not see your SAU team leader below, and you are only interested in being a part of the team, please sign up here, and we will look for a team leader for you.

SAU 10 – Derry
Butch Timpe: 603-845-8108 or

SAU 34 -Hillsboro, Deering, Washington and Windsor
Betsi Harrington:

SAU 37 – Manchester
Joanna Brown: 603-440-3236 or

SAU 41 – Brookline, Hollis
Aaron Penkacik: 603-566-1550

SAU 46 – Andover, Salisbury, Webster, Loudon, Boscawen, Penacook
Louise Andrus: 603-648-2510 or

SAU 11 – Dover
Sally Staude: 603-490-6971 or

SAU 5 – Lee, Strafford, Madbury
John MCCaffrey: (978) 382-2586 or