About Us

New Hampshire Patriot Hub

NHPatriotHub.org is made up of a group of passionate patriots who have come together to fill the missing part of the puzzle in our community. In New Hampshire we have been bred and raised to be proud Americans. We have passion and strength and know when we see something is broken and needs to be fixed. Because of this, there are a lot of freedom loving groups here in NH and these patriots are doing amazing things. But to take this movement up a notch, we need to UNITE!

There is strength in numbers and with so many options for social media our message has been diluted and spread thin. We need a common space where people can check in to see information from a large selection of patriotic groups in one place. This is where the NHPatriotHub.org comes into play! Our goal is to spread Inspiration, Knowledge & Action. We will be THE place to get a consolidated schedule of upcoming NH events like rallies, classes, webinars and meetings.

There will be lots of resources for furthering your education from current events to spotlights on breaking down the constitution and civics classes. These are offered in person and online, and most are free – being a stronger patriot can be fit in to everybody’s schedule! So for anyone looking to strengthen their reason of “why” we should stand up and keep our country beautifully free there is really something for everybody at our site.

Knowledge is power and We The People need more of both.

What can you look forward to with NHPatriotHub.org?

  • Politician Watchers and Their Reports
  • Training and Educational Resources for Citizens
  • Calls to Action you can do in person or online
  • Platform for citizen journalists and media
  • Calendar of NH events you can participate in
  • Info on the upcoming bills & votes to keep your eyes on

Recent Reports from our Watchers

Become a Watcher

Our first project is the New Hampshire Politician Watchers. “Watchers” provide blog or vlog posts covering the actions of any elected official you choose. You can blog about how they vote, what bills they sponsor, what actions they take in meetings, or any interactions you have with them. Every NH citizen needs to know who is working for we the people or their own interests.

A Watcher shines the “bright light of transparency” on what the politicians in your are are actually up to. A Watcher commits to doing unbiased, fact-based reporting so citizens can make their own minds up.