Check out the Governor’s Debates here…

Hello Freedom Fighters!!!! 

The debates took place Friday and our “primary before the primary” is now open on the website until 8/14/22 at midnight!!! Please take a minute to vote and help us with the selection for governor!!!

If you missed the event last Friday here is the recording:

We hope to publish our Resolve Slate early next week. Once published we will need all hands-on deck to circulate it out (emails, social media, flyers etc). 

NH are you ready to take it back??? 

Quick glimpse of the people who are at least taking a look at our efforts, this is our main Facebook group and does not include all the other channels. 

You guys are doing it but it’s time to run harder than ever…. just weeks left, let’s Resolve to sprint to the finish line!!! Commit to doing one thing a day to get the word out about The Resolve. 

If you need a yard sign or the business cards, please text me at 603 717-1477 and we will find a way to get them to you!!!
Love your fight, 
Terese Grinnell
Freedom Fighter
WE the People NH

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