Spring is here!

Congratulations everyone! We made it through New Hampshire’s many months of short, dark cold days and finally Spring is coming! Above freezing temps will allow for a lot more outdoor gatherings and lots of opportunities to meet new patriots and get more projects underway!

Downtown Concord has been super busy with lots of bills and legislation being presented and I have to say, it’s been amazing to be a part of the patriot movement at this point in history. Awards should go out to all the dedicated people who have shown up so often to make their voices heard in person, as well as those who have emailed their reps and those that have given online testimony by using http://gencourt.state.nh.us/ (look toward the bottom of the page to sign in remotely for house and senate bills) We all need to keep pushing and doing our part to keep our freedoms intact! We are winning on a lot of fronts, but we have to keep pushing back to keep the govt overreach at bay. Keep going guys!

#AdoptAnOverPass group photo Exit 16 – Concord, NH – March 2, 2022

I hope you took an opportunity to partake in some of the many events we have had posted up on NHPatriotHub.org/events ! There were driving freedom rallies occurring pretty much every weekend. The top turn out HAD to be the awesome #FJB themed drive on Presidents Day Weekend. Over 50 cars was an awesome visual traveling together down the highway! Rolling freedom rallies will now be driving either before or after the weekly reoccurring downtown Concord rally on Saturdays (which had retired for the winter,)but it’s started up last weekend, so get your paint and markers out and freshen up your signs for an upcoming Saturday! (P.S. The dollar tree has everything you need to get started for under $5. PRO TIP: Go for acrylic paint or permanent markers to withstand multiple weeks of use.) Did you come out to #AdoptAnOverPass to support the #PeoplesConvoy2022 on their way through New Hampshire a couple weeks ago?!? It was a blast, let me tell you! The overpasses we used were fantastic and safe locations to meet up and display banners and flags and get hundreds (if not thousands?!) of people to see us in a short amount of time. We plan to do this again now that the weather is going to be more favorable – Friday evenings during rush hour. It’s going to be a good time that doesn’t have to end when the sun starts to go down, because it gives us the perfect opportunity to get together for a post-event evening hang out at a local liberty loving establishment. Big shout out to Area 23 in Concord and Poor Boys Diner in Londonderry who have been very welcoming locations and we will definitely be gathering there again soon!

View from #ThePeoplesConvoy as they passed through Concord, NH – March 2, 2022

The fight continues with big tech and media. We know that Google feeds us very bias search results and a lot of us had moved on to duck duck go. Duck Duck Go last week let us know that they will gladly do our thinking for us and will be pushing what they believe to be “misinformation” way down in the search results. . . so we know what that means, time to jump ship. I downloaded the Brave browser to my laptop and phone and easily imported my favorites and bookmarks of the other sites and feel like it’s doing a good job so far. This info was posted on our facebook group page, so if you’d like more suggestions on alternative browsers please feel free to search there and if you have anything to add, absolutely chime in so we can get the word out!

I’m pretty excited to let you guys know that there is a new Liberty minded building that is opening in Weare. The Weare location at 445 South Stark Hwy has lots of events planned. Come and check out the grand opening of the Granite Minds Homeschooling Center on Saturday March 26! Get familiar with this location because there will be lots to do there!

If you have any freedom/liberty minded events planned, PLEASE let me know so I can add them to our event calendar! Also, people have asked permission to post events they’ve found on our calendar to their own personal pages, and YES – please share events with people that would like to join in! <3 We have lots in our sights on our calendar! There is a Hatchet Hurl, Beep Brigade Drives, Gatherings at the Capital, Potluck Dinners, Family Game Nights, Flag Waves and 2-A Meetups. . .and that is just to name a few things! Oh, and did I mention yours truly was asked to speak at the upcoming NH Freedom March & Rally event in Concord on April 9?! Come on down and say hi! (I’ll try to bring some fun stickers to pass out too. )

One last thing before we part ways – NHPatriotHub.org is looking to improve and expand our online presence. We would like to switch over to a new web host with a more organized calendar with search features and display artwork that people are creating for their events (exciting right?!) and the only thing holding us back is the financial hump. If we can commit to a couple years of web hosting upfront, we can drop our cost to about $20 a month. Could YOU help us and sponsor a month of NHPatriotHub.org for $20?!? This is truly a community effort and if we all chip in and you’re able to help us out, it would be so appreciated and many people will benefit from your generous donation. If you can help donate, we can accept cash at events or you can use the secure online donation page we have set up at GiveSendGo. Our current hosting contract expires April 1, so we would really appreciate any donations so we can make the jump within the next 2 weeks.

Keep up the great job and know that you’re not alone in this fight for freedom! Come out to an event and make some new friends. Courage is Contagious.


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