Tim Baxter as a candidate for congress in NH?

As a NH resident who is searching for representatives that want to be in office to do what representatives are supposed to do, represent me and my fellow citizens’ needs, requests and best interests. Like many, I have had enough of representatives that legislate according to their personal interests or worse yet, what those who financed their elections interests are. All too often our voices are not heard or totally ignored as if we aren’t smart enough to know what is best for us.

Like many of my fellow citizens I am deeply interested in doing whatever it takes to make sure our elections are secure. That doesn’t include half hearted audits, new laws when we don’t even enforce the ones we already have, or turning a blind eeye to the numerous well documented risks of using any sort of scanning device to count ballots.

So far Tim Baxter has taken his stance on this subject. Here is his link https://www.baxterforcongress.com/

He has started a petition that folks can sign and has made many statements of fighting for a statewide forensic audit of the 2020 election to figure out where the problems are and correct them. He has made statements about other very important issues as well.

Let’s all keep an eye on him as a candidate. If you have any correspondence with him or come across any information about him please blog here about that. Make sure to use a #TimBaxter within your blog so that the blog can get categorized.

As 2022 gets closer and closer we all need to know who to remove, who to add, and who to keep. Lets all blog about any factual experiences we have with any elected officials so that we all know what we need to do when we get to the polls next year.

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