Newsletter 2

Here is our 2nd newsletter that went out yesterday morning. Mine went into SPAM, so if you have given us your email at a in-person event, OR have entered it here on our page, but you’re not seeing the newsletter, please check your spam and save us back into your general emails. There are lots of new things coming our way and we want to keep you in the loop!

Greetings NH Patriots!
We hope this letter finds you well and that you are keeping your spirits high. If you’re feeling low, we really recommend heading right over to our event calendar and planning your next meetup with some fellow patriots. Let us tell you, standing at a corner with a sign or big American flag and meeting some like minded people does WONDERS for your state of mind! Myself, I attend at least 4 events a week and every single time I leave feeling better than I did when I arrived. Give it a try!
Speaking of our event calendar – wow, right?!? Did you check it out? It’s filling up with TONS to do! A little glimpse for the rest of this week: Thursday you can go to a freedom rally in Keene, Friday you can be a part of Concord Corner or Dover Corner, or the newly formed Manchester location “Bridge to Liberty” to stand united in pushing back against the tyrannical medical mandates that are being threatened upon us lately. Saturday you can join in a flag waving rally in Portsmouth and afterward head over to the State House lawn in Concord where there will be a gathering for a Silent Stand for Medical Freedom. Sunday is super exciting to us. NHPATRIOTHUB.ORG is organizing our first official event! 5pm be at the Everett Arena in Concord on Loudon Road for a mobile Freedom Rally! Decorate your car and meet us over by the skate park for a Freedom caravan to head over to Newfields, NH (the residing location of our Governor Sununu) for a nice beep fest.  We will drive around town to show our support for our Freedom in the Live Free or Die State. Maybe Governor Sununu will hear us and remember he should be standing strong against the vaccine mandates . 
Please try your hardest to get out there this week to join in on a rally with your fellow patriots. If there is no rally nearby you, we challenge you to start one up! email us, and we will add it to our calendar. No one is alone on this. If you build it, they will come. winking face  Check out our instagram to see our rally signs and search your favorite hashtags to get some ideas. The dollar store has all you need to make some awesome signs for under $5 (plus it’s pretty fun. My cats love to help/hinder every time I put the foam board down to draw out my next design.) So have fun and get out there and stand up for your freedoms! You will feel better for sure. And don’t miss the opportunity to swap phone numbers with some people you click with while you are out there. Let’s build up our local strength so we have close by friends to rely on in case we need to. red heart is working really hard to get all these events easily accessible in one spot. If you can support us with a donation we would be so grateful. We are currently working on an app to make sure we are not censored by having our newsletters or social media cut off from you, and so we can communicate important events directly to you without relying on so many middle men to “allow” us to unite. There are lots of exciting things coming our way so stay tuned and stay vocal!

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