Newsletter 1 – Welcome!

Greetings fellow patriots! 

We are so happy that you’ve signed up to be a part of the NH Patriot Hub community! Welcome! 

There is strength in numbers and we are excited to be in a position to help unite people all across NH to get out there to events, to learn and be inspired, and to become aware of the most important things that are locally threatening our freedoms so we can push back and make sure our voices are heard. Things have been really busy out there, as you may have noticed.

We hope that you’ve visited our website recently as we have doubled our information and resources since this spring. Our event calendar has been our top visited page, but there is still LOTS of room for new events to be added. Please share share share our page with your like minded friends so they can be kept up-to-date with all of the upcoming NH events. Email us at when you hear of an event coming up that you would like other patriots to know about. Have you attended any events we have posted about on our Telegram, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts?  Did you know you can be a guest blog writer on and submit a blog to us? If you’d like to do an event review, expand on an upcoming issue or just get your thoughts out to start a conversation with some great people, please give it a try and submit your writing to us at 

There are lots of exciting up and coming announcements to be made. We are looking into a “Freedom Support Team” which is a text alert system where we can get the word out to patriots who want to be really involved and are willing to form a rally or attend school board meetings with short notice. We have teamed up with major players in the NH area like Marigold Coffee Club who are currently pushing their campaign to get the voting machines out of NH!! (Make sure to check out their excellent website and complete step 1 & step 2 for most impact). We also have an awesome collaborative group who are going hard to get Election Integrity back in NH. Both of these groups are going to be game changers in NH. NHPatriotHub is working on a volunteers-wanted-page so you can find volunteer opportunities that interest you. As volunteers we can all play a part in taking back our state and country! 

Thank you for joining in with us to grow and strengthen the patriot movement in NH! We are fighting as hard as we can, and we appreciate all the support from everyone who is helping us out. We can assure you the team is made up of true patriots, and we volunteer our time and efforts to give 110% to get our goals realized. As we have just revealed, we have some upgrades we need to make to really do this job right, and realistically we can’t get it done for free. The math so far indicates that if we can raise about $300 a month we should be able to cover our upgrades and get the word out on what we are doing (text alerts and new MUCH improved calendar of events). Therefore, we have set up a campaign at GiveSendGo. If you are able to donate any amount toward the cost, we thank you so much and promise that none of this is going into our pockets. It’s all been out-of-pocket so far, and we are hoping that people will feel it in their hearts to sponsor in order to offset some of these costs so we can explode this site and really get the word out there to fortify the NH patriot movements.

Stay Strong and United!

Sincerely Yours,
The NH Patriot Hub Team

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