BardsFest – Windham, NH

Today was Bardsfest in Windam, NH, hosted by COS ( It exceeded all my expectations.

I had a very different experience attending this festival – I was representing NHPatriotHub at a table and not just attending the event as a spectator! You can imagine my excitement when I saw in my email box an emailed flier for the event with an attached message that asked if we wanted a table to represent the Patriot Hub at the event. Oh boy! It’s been months in the making – I go to all the  freedom-themed events I can, I try to drop our name while we are out there . . .we have a handful of the social media sites flowing with our posts to try to get some attention – so it finally has started to pay off! People are taking us serious guys. Hooray!

This morning I loaded up my table and tent and my new set of NHPatriotHub business cards. . I found some cute things in my 4th of July decorations box to jazz up the table. . some buntings, some red white and blue flowers . . and a sign to promote the Marigold Coffee Club’s new campaign to get the Machines Out Of New Hampshire. (I’m so excited to be a part of this campaign btw. Please check it out. (If you’ve watched the Terminator movies, you know how we can’t trust machines. . right? It’s common sense – let’s get them out of here. 😉 ) Make sure to fill out step 1 and step 2 and if you’re feeling really go-getter-ey. . you can also sign up to be a town lead: Marigold Coffee Club – Let The American Stories Be Told_ literally every single signature counts on this one. Each town needs X amount to have the petition turned in, so please pass it along to your neighbors to get this done!

So, my car was all packed up, I had my huge travel mug of coffee and cocoa, and my husband and I made our way to Windham. It was a beautiful (cloudy, yes, but not hot and humid = beautiful to me) day. When we got to the event site and rolled down our window to check in, the smell of sweet hay flowed in. . . .::sigh:: one of my most favorite smells! Today was going to be fantastic!

Set up was easy. My tent needed a little something so I just grabbed the 2 rally signs from my car that I made earlier this week to attend the Anti-Jab Mandate rallies outside Dartmouth Hitchcock Hosptial in Concord MWF – (check out NHPatriotHub events calendar for more info>  Events Calendar – New Hampshire Patriot Hub ( Just like a fine wine, the homemade signs paired very well with the pile of printed out stickers I made from The White Rose (find them on Telegram: It all came together perfectly.

I had such an amazing day. Not only did their main stage have a fantastic line up of inspiring speakers, beautiful music and singing and absolutely spot on how-did-they-know-what-I-needed-to-hear-prayers, but they had the most fantastic non-mask wearing REAL, intelligent, liberty loving Americans in attendance! I made connections – like REAL face to face eye contact holding connections ALL DAY! Hundreds of them!!! It was so wonderful. I would give my little talk up of our Hub and that we want to focus on a NH event calendar of patriotic events and people’s eyes would light up. Today was so reaffirming that I’m doing the right thing with this website. I talked for 9 straight hours, so much in fact, that I started to lose my voice by the end. Today was a success for sure. I got so many stories of people feeling alone and scared and missing that connection to a group. I got exciting ideas to pass on to people about homeschooling options and how to fight the mask mandates. I heard despair in grandparents voices as they mention they weren’t allowed to see their grandchildren since they wouldn’t take the vax. A hospice worker told me how her patients could only have visitation time through a cracked window and everyone involved STILL had to wear a mask. Multiple people told me how they were scared they would be out of a job by October when the jab mandates take full effect at their work. There was an awesome couple who are putting on rallys in their hometown that will be now appearing on our calendar of events. Someone recognized me from the school board meeting I spoke at a couple weeks ago and gave me encouragement and thanked me for speaking out for the kids. After speaking to one amazing woman for like 5 minutes she put $4 in the donation jar. (We need $300 to upgrade our wordpress site so we can get a HUGELY upgraded fun and beautiful new calendar plug in.) I totally didn’t expect to see any dollars come my way and I thanked her so much and let her know how silly it was, but our $300 goal felt really far away since I am so behind on bills I had literally nothing I could put myself into the jar myself.  She put $20 more in! I was shocked and went around the table and gave her a hug. We are surrounded by truly wonderful people. (If you would like to help to upgrade to the bigger and better, more beautiful calendar, we would be oh so grateful for your support! ( )

This little site is so basic but it can connect people who feel so alone and far away from another sane person. It needs to be easier to find your tribe! When you see the world burning and literally spinning into chaos and all you want to is to be able to make a statement that doesn’t mimic MSM talking points without being met with aggression and being shut down. . . that can be so easily remedied with a gathering of some patriotic friends. We had that today, and we can have that every day. There are dozens of patriotic freedom loving groups in New Hampshire. There are so many groups that it may be simply too many for everyone to keep up with. Each of those groups is coming up with weekly or monthly meetings, rallies, seminars and events. I will totally admit that it’s been stressful trying to get all the events recognized on our calendar and knowing I’ve still got to be missing some. I reach out, follow groups, request notifications, stalk websites, listen to people talking in meetings I attend, keep my ear to the ground, pick up fliers at events, but wow, I miss a TON even though I’ve made it my hobby to collect all this info. A lot of hard work goes into each one of those meetups and events and it’s a shame that people miss out on the opportunity to meet up with some like minded people to talk and get active in this patriot movement. There is so much going on in New Hampshire in these groups right now – you never ever have to be sitting home bored! We just need to connect the information to the people.

This is my goal. Strengthen our movement by getting info to people so they can show up to where they feel they fit in. It’s a win:win for sure. I want YOU to be able to check into this website and see that you’re not alone and give you the jumping point to get to an event and participate. Strength in numbers.

So, I’m beyond excited to feel like I can be such an integral part in the patriot movement that is happening right now. I literally feel blessed to be in this position. I promise to do my best to hub together the many groups and events happening in NH and to get the info to We The People. We need to take the power back from our government, and demand our God Given Rights are alive and well.

If you have and event I can add to the calendar, please email me and I will add it.


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