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We Need Your Help! Our State Reps in the house are trying to schedule a special session to discuss NO MASK mandate legislation in our NH schools. However, they need a couple more Senators to sign on. We need as many people in the State as possible to email their Senators and ask them to sign on for this special session and Stop the Mask Mandates. We need to focus the pressure on the these Senators. If they are in your district, please email them. For suggestions on what to say, check out the comments.

District 01 – Senator Erin Hennessey – R

District 02 – Senator Bob Giuda – R

District 03 – Senator Jeb Bradley – Senate Majority Leader – R

District 06 – Senator James Gray – R

District 08 – Senator Ruth Ward – R

District 09 – Senator Denise Ricciardi – R

District 11 – Senator Gary Daniels – Senate Finance Committee Chair – R

District 12 – Senator Kevin Avard – R

District 14 – Senator Sharon Carson President Pro Tempore – R

District 17 – Senator John Reagan – R John.Reagan111@edhot2929

District 19 – Senator Regina Birdsell – R

District 22 – Senator Chuck Morse President of Senate – R

District 23 – Senator Bill Gannon – R

Sample Letter:

Dear Senator,

I am writing to ask for you to sign on and participate in the special session to address the misdirected mask mandates targeted at our children in response to Covid-19. It is my firm belief that our State Legislature must address the masking and vaccination mandates. In particular, on how they are being managed in the schools.The decision for our child’s healthcare resides with the parents, not bureaucrats. Many school districts in this state have taken it upon themselves to enforce a one size fits all approach that does not address the special needs and concerns of our children. This behavior and bureaucratic overreach must stop.


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  1. Letter submitted to Senator Hennessey regarding mask mandates in our schools. Thank you for your help. Without this guidance, I would not have done my part.
    Yours truly,
    Dr. Lauren Rodier, DNP, APRN

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