Hello NH!

The New Hampshire Patriot Hub team is updating our home page with a call to action for each one of you! (Please see the tab called, “About Us,” for the information previously on this page).

Please watch this 15-minute video before reading the next steps below.
The Pilgrims Formula To Save America! Kirk Cameron in Monumental

Come watch it with us Feb 11. Click_Here

It has been a long, long, long time since we have been the “free” nation our forefathers fought so hard to create.
“A Time for Choosing” by Ronald Reagan Watch youtube video

The time is now and it is up to us to do something about this. We have the formula, we have each other, and most importantly we have God! God was with our forefathers and God is with us right now. It is with God’s guidance, and our obedience to Him, that will give us the strength, the courage, and the wisdom we need to restore our republic.

We at NH Patriots Hub have realized, over the years, that it can be difficult to jump in when you do not know where to begin, you do not know where help is needed, or you do not think you know enough, etc.

We are here to help with that. We have compiled a list of volunteers who are super excited to talk with you about what they have been up to and how you can help each other. Please take a look at the list of opportunities below, and please email, or text (if the number is provided), the person next to the opportunity.


Looking to get involved and do not know where to start, email John. He has been following everything!
John Gaudet: johnmarcgaudet@gmail.com


US Constitution and Biblical Citizenship
Education – (See “Know your rights” under the Resources tab for more info.)
Deb Roux: (603) 247-5150 or deb@nhpatriothub.org (Biblical Citizenship classes)
Kristen Jackson: events@nhpatriothub.org (Constitution Classes)

Education reform – Legislation – Tips on attending school board meeting Schools and School Boards – (See “School Boards” under Resources tab for more info.)
AnnMarie Banfield: banfieldannmarie@gmail..com

Information on Homeschooling your children
Jessica Seaman: homeschoolingpatriothub@gmail.com

Kirk Cameron Presents: Homeschool Awakening – 11 minute video describing the documentary below
Purchase the documentary: The Homeschool Awakening [2022]

Protect our 2nd Amendment 
JR Hoell:  (603 315-9002 (call or text)


Election recount – Election analysis – Election procedure – How and where to collect election data
Brenda Towne: btowne@protonmail.com

NH Housing Expert – Legislation
Jane Aitken: info@bedfordresidents.com

Previous Selectwoman – Seacoast Activist How to get involved in your Selectman meetings
Regina Barnes: 617-908-2365 or nhmuckraker1776@yahoo.com
Rumble podcast Board of Selectmen Page

Law – Research – Legislation 
Al Brandano:  albrand19@rocketmail.com

Delegate & Committeeman – GOP membership – State Rep or State Senate
Jose Cambrils: Jose4NH@Comcast.Net

Guidance on how to campaign for NH First candidates
Luanne David: (603) 401-9235 please text first or luanned63@yahoo.com

Candidate Training
James Kofalt: info@603alliance.org

Prayer – health – NH Patriot hub – other

Pray with our prayer warrior 
Holly Runcco:  (603) 234-3088 please text first 

Questions about Corona virus, jabs, and boosters 
Juliet DiPietro: jwdipietro@gmail.com

Patriot events & rallies – Contact Kristen to add your event/rally to the NH Patriot Hub calendar
Kristen Jackson: events@nhpatriothub.org

NH Patriot Hub web designer
Mark Frenette: mark@nhpatriothub.org

Rumble Podcaster
Richie Merritt: Rumble podcast

Graphic Designer – NH Researcher – NH Deep State
Erica: https://www.grazingthesurface.com

If you have trouble reaching the point of contact, email me. If you know of anyone we should add to this list, please contact me as well. Deb Roux: deb@nhpatriothub.org

Thank you for choosing to get involved!
NH is better, stronger, safer when her citizens come together! God bless you!